Composer -Guitarist- Producer

Rod is a versatile guitarist who has been studying classical music, rock and jazz for 20 years. He has taken his professional career focus from 90s metal to the most extreme metal fusion genres of Djent/Mathcore and Deathcore.

Rob hooked up with Penunmbra Amour, Latin America’s most acclaimed audio and video producer, to start Stellar Crows, the most innovative Djent Industrial band in Argentina. 


In 2015, Rod founded the revelation Deathcore/Djent band M28, which toured with international bands Lamb of God, Tim Riper Owens, and Suicide Silence, among others. 

His guitar genius got him nominated for Argentina’s prestigious Gardel Music Awards, and he was recognised by Black Eclosion Records and Sony/ATV as the feature artist of 2015.

When Rod is not on tour he produces, edits, and records solo material. At the moment, he is producing his second official solo project, which will be compiled into a video documentary next year.

Rod is a multimedia junkie and was even dubbed “the most multimedia content generating artist” by Rockstar Interviews. Between 2014-2016, he put out 7 official videos, 1 live official video, 2 live studio sessions, and 1 full set from Buenos Aires’ Luna Park.

Now he has embraced the new Hotone Skyline Djent… We know he will take it to the limit.