Chris Henrich is a pro guitarist/bassist and head audio engineer for the House of Blues (Live Nation). 

As a guitarist, Chris first rose to prominence in the 1990s with the alternative rock band Chlorine.  That brilliantly incendiary group produced several hit singles for Time Bomb Recordings (a subsidiary of Arista Records), reaching appreciative audiences nationwide on radio and MTV.  During that era, Chris and the band toured widely as headliners in their own right but also as openers for superstars such as Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Ratt, and Ted Nugent, among others.

For more than twenty years Chris has played alongside the legendarily eccentric and elderly Houston blues guitarist Little Joe Washington, whose career renaissance was stimulated in large part by their friendship and collaboration.  

Another long time friend and drum icon, Joe Fazzio of Superjoint Ritual fame, has utilized Chris’s many talents on various recording projects. Chris and Joe have recorded with top artists such as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Phil Anselmo of Pantera. Recently, Chris and Joe have teamed up on a fresh new band called The Woods.

“I keep a Hotone Blues in my coat pocket!! It's my on the ready tone on the go. I also keep the Grass in my guitar case for my number one tone machine. The Hotone Trem has the pulse of a golden haired lady!!! I never keep her far away. Don't let the small size fool you--they got the Texas tone.

On my bass I pair the Komp up with my treasured 53 Gibson Eb1 and Portaflex for a smooth pushing bass tone. I use the Hotone Liftup to push my drive right down the line to the mixer. The key is to engage the warm button to get the round tone of a vintage preamp. The best part all, this tone takes up less space in my pocket than my key chain!!!”