Born into a Bluegrass family, Bob Rutherford was submerged into a constant whirlwind of music and musicians at a very early age. Bob began touring the country playing bass with several bands while still in his teens before venturing into management and producing artists (consequently named one of the five best Indie Producers in the United States by Indie Net Magazine) in his early 20s. In 1996, Bob was approached about producing a debut album by a new Outlaw Country artist named Dallas Moore. 18 years and 8 albums later, Bob is still playing bass with The Dallas Moore Band (SOL Records).

Over the course of a year, Bob Rutherford plays over 200 live shows throughout the country with the Dallas Moore Band. The album Blessed Be the Bad Ones was released in 2013. The band's hit “Crazy Again” held the #1 position at the top of the Alt-Country video charts for over a year.

 L.A. Weekly Magazine lists The Dallas Moore Band as “One of the Ten Country Artists You Need to Listen To!”
“The KOMP is hands down the best optical compressor I've used outside of a $3500.00 studio model! It is a very smooth and “musical” compressor and is quite a bit punchier than other optical pedals I have tried. I like the addition of the spark button (to add top end) but frankly haven't had the need to use it. 

I couldn't believe how weighty and well made it is! Any concerns about the small size were out the window the minute I held one. I'm still amazed at the fact that considering the unit's diminutive size, I can see the controls plainly under stage lights.

The Hotone KOMP has become my “go to” pedal and whether I'm using my own rig or having to play on the run with a provided backline, Hotone's KOMP is the first thing in my signal chain!”