New Jersey Jazz, as smooth as it gets!

Born and raised in Libya, Tripoli, to Italians parents, music was a constant early in Frank’s life. When his family immigrated to the United States when he was eight, Frank became inspired by the sounds of the late fifties and early sixties, prompting him to take guitar lessons. By his late teens, Frank was playing gigs at weddings and small venues, eventually graduating to known jazz venues in and around town.

Since then, Frank Piombo has appeared as lead guitarist and vocalist alongside Sidewalk Symphony, The Fantasy Band, Stepping Out, The New Prince Band, US & Co, the original Infernos; and sharing the stage with the likes of The Duprees, The Mello Kings, Vito and the Salutations, and Vito and the Elegants, Frank has proved to be much more than a jazz guitarist.
In addition to touring the New York Metropolitan Area, where he has built a solid fan base, Frank has also shared the stage with various European artists, such as “I Nuovi Angeli” and the “Formula Tre.”

Frank Piombo has held the #1 jazz artist position in New Jersey since 2012, according to ReverbNation’s Jazz Charts! And in 2014, Frank Piombo was accepted on the popular digital radio station Pandora, where he now boasts his own station.

Frank says, “I have used various pedals during my music career, but the Hotone Skyline pedals are by far Number One on my list.”

“The Wally lets me to transform into a one man band. It also allows me to add a second guitar when I am working with a full band. 

The Eko, as a jazz player, I like to use with the MOD switch on. I set the time at around 4, the echo and repeat at about a fourth of the way, to get an awesome warm sound. This is the only pedal I use for solos!!

The Verb, I keep the time at 5, the reverb at about a fourth and the tone half way. This pedal, I keep activated all night long.”

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