Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti is an Italian artist with a Russian name based in Norway. He's a diverse guitarist who has been wearing the hats of composer, live performer, instructor and producer for 20 years.

Dimitry writes and performs music in many different shapes, from peaceful New Age to brutal Death Metal. He's a guitar virtuoso whose developed his unique style all over the years of live shows (most recently with Arcadia), studio work, and clinics (with Robben Ford and others). 

Dimitry is a card-carrying Randall amp man and goes through the Hotone Soul Press to get his signature WAH sound. 

In addition to the Soul Press, the Hotone RAVO has become his daily companion:
"I am using the Ravo daily as a guitar instructor 'cause it has the same features and specs as more expensive products but it's even smaller and has a drum-machine, looper and aux input built in. The awesome thing is that you can choose different sounds with a flick, and unlike other products, the presets are just amazing. The RAVO is very easy to use." 

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