Relocating to Barcelona after a successful early career in Chile with Chilean legendary rock bands like Soul Gas, Santa and His People, and Almandina, Juan Carlos Mendoza is a now pro bass player with a huge background in international session work.
After several years touring Scandinavia and other European countries, he recorded three albums with Mallorcan guitarist Joan Bibiloni.He also teamed up with musicians from Barcelona and Madrid, including the fantastic keyboardist and producer Jose Mas, Kitflus, Colombian jazz diva Martha Patricia, jazz guitarist Max Sunyer, American singer Deborah Carter, and Stanley Clarke's guitarist Ray Gomez, among others.

Later, he moved to Madrid to join jazz artists such as Jayme Marques, Stephen Frankevitch, Jorge Pardo and Tito Duarte.
Juan Carlos was soon embraced by the pop-rock-celtic Spanish scene.  Recording and touring with Hevia, Victor and Ana, Orquesta Mondragón, Amistades Peligrosas and Vargas Blues Band, he also played thousands of club shows with funk, acid- jazz and soul bands.

After a long professional career, he distinguished himself with two albums of his own: "Mediterranova" (Indigo Records, 2011) and "Thanks to Life" (Avispa Records, 2014). 

Juan Carlos Mendoza continues to collaborate with A-list artists around the world in live bass playing and studio production. He says of his Hotone gear:

“I am so satisfied with all the Hotone products I have with me, I can get great sounds from them! The Verb and Octa are awesome and perfect for bass and guitar as well. My Nano Thunder Bass Amp is fantastic--I get almost any sound I want with my basses...The cab is impressive!! Perfect for my bass homework and practicing will be a delight now. The Tuner, a number one! Beautiful, quick, good for B string on 5 strings basses, accurate.... it will be my forever pedal! Thanks!!!

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