Jake Cloudchair
Guitar player / Composer / Movie creator

Jake Cloudchair is a verstile Japanese guitarist, composer and producer with and incredibly wide palette of tone and texture in his work.

Starting his pro musician career as a member of "Guniw Tools" in 1996, Jake then began his solo project "Cloudchair" in 2003. He formed the band "THE MORTAL" with the charismatic singer Atsushi Sakurai (BUCK-TICK) in 2015.

Jake has been working as a guitarist / composer for live performances and recordings with famous Japanese artists including Kiyoharu, Hitomi, and T.M. Revolution, among others. Jake is also well known for his work in web design and video production. His guitar demos are internationally acclaimed. 

Jake on XTOMP:

This is the pedal I’ve been looking for! Something that has good old vintage taste but introduces effective cutting-edge technology with a cool design. Those are not conditions easy to satisfy....and it's not available anywhere else.
Above all, I wouldn’t use if it wasn't cool.
XTOMP reproduces the tones of so many pedals so familiar to me and many other players. It also has Hi-Fi SNR and versatile operation capabilities. It can use countless effect models.  XTOMP has no display, but a smartphone plays the role. A constantly growing library and a great app are killer selling points.
I especially love the natural drive tones, far away from every digital feeling.

How about the look? People who like modern digital gadgets will like it. Simple and compact design. Brilliant LEDs make my heart spark. Hotone created an amazing product. I respect their craftsmanship.

Yes, XTOMP is THE coolest pedal.
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