Shy smile and a shredding style. 

Sarah Michelle is an Irish guitarist who has been playing since she was 14 years old. Specializing in Rock, Blues and Classical music, Sarah has been gigging with bands since the age of 15.

While she is currently studying guitar at BIMM Dublin and pursuing a degree in Commercial Modern Music, Sarah has already found ravishing success with her self-produced YouTube videos, which have gotten millions of hits from viewers across the world. 

Though Sarah obviously has a thing for SRV, she is best known for her “shred” style and is currently working on original material as she gigs with various acts around Ireland.

"I have used Hotone pedals for a lot of my gigs and they never let me down! They sound and look incredible. I use the Blues drive for a lot of my recordings, along with the Eko whenever I need a touch of delay...they are perfect!"
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