Name :
Steve Fabry
Band/affiliation :
Sercati – The Nightstalker – Hezaliel

Steve has always lived with music, as his father was a sound engineer, and he's had drums lessons very young. He's also learned piano but stoped a few years later. He's fallen in love with bass guitar when he was fifteen and has played with a band for the very first time at that age. He's been playing in twenty bands since then and has tried Black Metal for the first time with Ooirim. He plays now in « Sercati » (black metal), « The Nightstalker » (dark metal relative to Sercati) and « Hezaliel » (drone/ambiant/ experimental project). 

Hotone products used : 
« The size, the sound, the quality. Everything is amazing with these amps. It works as well in studio as on stage. It's great stuff and it's essential to a good sound. »