Hailing from just outside music city (Nashville,Tn) Bobby Joseph Witt is an Audio Engineer/ Music Producer/multi instrumentalist/ Vocalist /Session Musician/ FOH live audio engineer, with a true passion and firm knowledge in everything about music.
With a knack for creating and playing music that grabs your attention and emotions in whatever way the song and genre calls for,and his education stemming from IADT (Sanford Brown College), from which he obtained a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Audio Production, and completing a 3 month internship with famous producer Bobby Ferrari at Vegas View Recordings, his experience is extremely vast from production and recording, to performance and setup.
Bobby spent many years as a professional touring musician, including guitar tech for many high profile studio musicians and producers. He was most recently a personal guitar tech to country star Jamey Johnson. Bobby even worked at several gigs Jamey played at the Grand Ole Opry.
He has also shared the stage with bands and artists such as Willie Nelson, Brent Mason, Chiodos, He is Legend, Roses are Red, Conducting from the Grave, Mastodon, Kill Your Idols, Two Man Advantage, lickgoldensky, and many others.
His experience in the music industry is vast and ever growing as both a musician and as an up-and-coming audio engineer/music producer. He has been a musician for over 20 years, and can play anything in any genre completely and accurately by ear alone. His repertoire of skills gained from playing a variety of contemporary instruments is vast and unique, especially in the current climate of the music industry.
His improvisational skills are excellent on all instruments, which only furthers his producing abilities, as his music theory and knowledge are top notch. He can play the most complicated of drum patterns and guitar parts. With his experience and knowledge from every angle of music performance and the professional recording experience, the sky's the limit for all projects he takes on.

Bobby Witt knows what the performer expects and demands from his equipment, tone, recording experience, and setup. His working experience in the music industry spanned his entire working career, and has only added to his arsenal of abilities and techniques from positions held in companies such as Gibson (Guitar Tech), Bizarre Guitar (Sales/Tech), Guitar Center (Tech), and Sam Ash Music Stores (Sales/Guitar Teacher/Tech). Bobby’s experience in music production stemmed from his working at Central Christian church as a Stage Manager/Guitar Tech, as well as a stagehand at Walden Media Productions. He ran FOH live sound for a non-denominational church called Relentless Church and played on their Worship team. He currently fulfills those roles at OneChurch.TV in Clarksville, TN, where he resides.
His clientele is as diverse as his experience is. All of his wisdom and life experiences have cultivated into the Christian Metal/Hardcore outfit known as We Are Victory (signed on Sancrosanct Records), including his experiences as a drummer, guitarist, producer, and mixer all of which both records he wrote Produced, Performed, and engineered.His list of skills, as well as his knowledge and passion for music is ever growing, and will only continue to do so. He will continue to be a force to be reckoned with going forward with anyone who wants to engage in his services whether it be for a hired-gun session musician, to producing and engineerin.

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