My whole life, it's about Music.
In my Young age , I started to learn a couple of Instruments (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums and vocals), to compose my own songs, and the results are, that I am the Owner of my own Omniverse Recording Studios ""
Later on, I started with some local bands, and played a lot around, until I stepped into the Pro League.
I played, recorded and toured with the bands:
Crystal-Ball, Evidence one, Circle of Pain, MysticProphecy .
Now I am the guitar player and clean singer of the Mighty German Goth-Metalband Crematory "" , and so a new chapter in my career has started.

About Hotone Pedals:
"When I saw the first time this sweet Little Hotone Pedal, I thought hmmm, nice gimmicks, until I heard and played them.
I only can say: Awesome Little Monsters :-)
Perfect for Planetraveling Shows cause the fit well in the carry on baggage. But not only for backup.
They sounds really BIG!"

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