Personal details                                                                                

Address: Korosten, Ukraine                                                                
Date of birth: 25 February 1990
Marriage status: married

Height: 170

Weight: 78

 Independent artist, composer, arranger.

Working Experience:

2018 - Present

Band “Kris Band”  

Guitar player

2017 – 2018  


2013 – Present



2012 - Present

Band “Y-Not”  

Guitar player

Work with a lots Ukrainian, Russia, Germany, brazilian and another world  groups and singers

Guitar player 

Work on TV, Stage and studio with many famous Ukrainian and Russian stars(Larisa Gardiera, Danyil Ruvinski Lilu Vega, MIla, Frederico, and other)  

Guitar player


2011 – 2012



2010 – Present

2010 - Present


Guitar player, arranger and composer in Production Center “Second breath”


Guitar teacher

Session guitar player, arranger and composer, work on lots sound studio with many artists in all world.

Guitar player


2005- Present

Independent guitar player and worked with other bands in all world at different events





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