Neil Zaza is a man of mystery. He is at once an international rock star, playing sold-out arena events, and still an unassuming vanguard of pure musical and technical scholarship. Neil stands on the shoulders of rockers past and present but takes his songwriting cues from the great classical composers of old. For Neil, melody moves the music, and music moves the man.

And man has he been moving! For years, Neil has been at the forefront of the instrumental guitar movement and at the top of genre-savvy A-List. He has wowed crowds, enchanted fans, and caused traffic jams around the globe with his inimitable melodic style.

This year, Neil decided to take his game one step higher. He reached a point in his career where he wants “only the best.” Unsatisfied with his recording studio setup, he swapped his mixer out for a vintage Neve console. Check. Recently vested into the exclusive Carvin signature artist roster, he exchanged his previous brand axe for an immaculate Kiesel “Neil Zaza” Model. Check.

Now, Neil has dumped his pedal rig and gone all in with international design authority Hotone Audio. Hotone’s motto is “Design Inspiration,” and it has given Neil just the thing he had been missing:

“Sound is the most important. I have to feel that it is imparting something into my tone and is helping me achieve something musically. It has to inspire me. Like when I use the Skyline Blues pedal. It gives me the sustain and reaction that makes me dig in more and play with more confidence.”

Hotone’s amp and pedal creations have been winning the hearts of musicians worldwide since 2012. Their visionary rock and roll offerings earned them a “Best in Show Award” at NAMM 2015. Neil says,

“Hotone pedals sound incredible. The engineering behind the pedals and the sound puts the sonic quality above everything else. There is a real vibe to them.”

Hotone is proud to have Neil Zaza represent the brand and has arranged an official artist signing ceremony to be held at the Music China show in Shanghai on Thursday, October 14 at 11am. Neil will be rocking out at the Hotone booth (E6 C88) all week and will be available for autographs.

Hotone CEO and chief product designer Runbo Guo announced:

“We are so excited to have Neil on board. He is an outstanding musician and longtime friend. Hotone pedals make Zaza’s music sound awesome, and Zaza knows how get everything there is to be had out of the Hotone gear. Watch out world!”