Hotone’s newest artist, Neil Zaza, tore up MUSIC CHINA 2015 this October in Shanghai.
On the first day of the show, Neil came out blazing with his signature Carvin axe and Hotone effects rig on the Outdoor S1 stage. A crowd started gathering at the sound check. Fans were texting friends, telling them to get on the scene. You couldn’t ask for a better day to rock out—it was like So-Cal weather that day in Shanghai! When Neil kicked his Hotone Chunk pedal on, IT WAS ON!

Back at the Hotone booth, Neil did two shows a day. Every show was more packed than a Hong Kong subway in rush hour. Once, Neil finished a show and started packing up his gear, and fans thought he was preparing for another show. More and more fans gathered in front of the stage to wait for the rock. When Neil looked up and saw everybody there, he plugged back in and did another set!
Neil was hanging out at the booth with fans after his shows, talking about his Hotone setup and new album Peach. Peach was self-produced at Neil’s studio in Cleveland, where he hooked up his Skyline pedals through his vintage Neve console.

World-renowned Metal Chen of the Iron Man Channel came by to interview Neil. They talked gear, music, and Zaza’s love for China. Neil has tons of friends in China and loves to jam with his Chinese counterparts. And jam he did!
A party celebrating the 15th anniversary of GuitarChina was held at the Shanghai MAO live house on Oct 14th. Ten A-List guitar masters were invited. Before Neil’s performance, Hotone Director of  Sales and Marketing Noah K announced the official partnership between Hotone and Zaza as a Hotone endorser. Neil ripped off his Hotone t-shirt and threw it into the crowd before starting his signature song I’m Alright—everybody went ballistic!

Neil’s last show was at the Outdoor S3 stage in the late afternoon. The sun was setting, and he played a series of lighter music from his new album Peach. It was unforgettable.