Internationally recognized as the greatest and most accomplished valve and solid state guitar amplifier designer in the world, Steve Grindrod is praised for his engineering of guitar amps such as the Marshall JCM 800, Silver Jubilee, JCM900, the Vox Custom Classic, Heritage AC15s and AC30s.


But Steve Grindrod is not a man to rest on his laurels, and in recent years he’s pushed the bar and put his best amp designs into his own new brand STEVE GRINDROD AMPS.


Steve is not just an extraordinary amp designer--people who know also hold him in high respect as a proper rock and roll guitarist. Steve recently lent us his personal gigging amp to model for the Xtomp library, his beloved, one of a kind Pendragon PG20.


The Pendragon series represents the apex of high end amps, and Steve’s PG20 isn’t even available on the market (check out the 40W version PG40 here Needless to say you won’t find it in any other amp modeling software packages.


Hotone has just finished running the drive channel of Steve’s PG20 through our demanding CDCM modeling process, and we are over the top excited to be working with Grindrod to make this luxury boutique amp model available in the Xtomp library on July 27, 2018.


Check out Grindrod Amps and find out for yourself the power we’re dealing with here.