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About Us

The Hotone Audio company is highly invested in the development of its employees, is motivated by technological innovation, views excellence in quality as a competitive strength, stands on a foundation of outstanding service, and strives to provide every customer with a sensational experience.

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Design Inspiration

Hotone’s slogan is “Design Inspiration,” which has a few shades of meaning. One of course is designs based on inspiration: that the products come out of some serious professional brainstorms centered around what is, what isn’t, and what can be made possible. It’s one of Hotone’s core values to challenge the limits of design.“Design Inspiration” also means that it’s important for us to design and manufacture high quality products that musicians of all kinds can enjoy and be inspired by. Inspired to try something new, inspired to dig deep and put it all out there.

Hotone World

The citizens of the world have got to have the best effects. That’s why from the hottest jazz clubs in Paris to the most secret underground venues of Japan, Hotone Skyline pedals are finding their way into pedalboards the world over. Arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity, and it’s no wonder that Hotone Nano Legacy Series amp heads are being put to work by some of the world’s most dedicated musicians around the four corners of the earth.


Neil Zaza

Not only has guitarist Neil Zaza helped to define the genre of melodic instrumental guitar, he has become a worldwide ambassador for the instrument itself. His melodic compositions have changed the way musicians play, and what audiences worldwide demand out of their guitar heroes.

The Grenma

Fast and Hard New School Punk —The Grenma.'The Grenma' is a skatepunk trio from Budapest, Hungary, formed in 2004 by Csongi (guitar, vocals), Dóri (bass) and Matyi (drums).

Frank Piombo

New Jersey Jazz, as smooth as it gets!


“The NAMM Show is an international gathering of the musical tribes, uniting communities from every market segment.” With over 1600 exhibitors and 99,000 expected visitors, the NAMM 2016 show is ripe with passion for the industry’s hottest new products...


Hotone Xtomp Awarded Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards Finalist

Eternal supporter of all things innovative and ever diligent in building an awesome Internet of Things, Bluetooth SIG just announced the finalists of its Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2016....


Hotone & Neil Zaza at Music China 2015

Hotone’s newest artist, Neil Zaza, tore up MUSIC CHINA 2015 this October in Shanghai.On the first day of the show, Neil came out blazing with his signature Carvin axe and Hotone effects rig on the Outdoor S1 stage. A crowd started gathering at the sound check. Fans were texting friends, telling them to get on the scene...