• Hotone Gate-Noise Reduction
  • Hotone Harmony-Pitch Shifter/Harmonist
  • Hotone Tape Eko-Modeling Tape Delay
  • Hotone Wood-Acoustic Guitar Simulator
  • Hotone Won “Best In Show” Award at NAMM 2015!
  • Hotone ROTO-Rotary Speaker Simulator
  • Hotone Soul Press-Volume/Expression/Wah-Wah Pedal
  • Hotone Mojo Diamond
  • Hotone SKYBOARD JUNIOR-Pedal Board



About Us

The Hotone Audio company is highly invested in the development of its employees, is motivated by technological innovation, views excellence in quality as a competitive strength, stands on a foundation of outstanding service, and strives to provide every customer with a sensational experience.

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Design Inspiration

Hotone’s slogan is “Design Inspiration,” which has a few shades of meaning. One of course is designs based on inspiration: that the products come out of some serious professional brainstorms centered around what is, what isn’t, and what can be made possible. It’s one of Hotone’s core values to challenge the limits of design.“Design Inspiration” also means that it’s important for us to design and manufacture high quality products that musicians of all kinds can enjoy and be inspired by. Inspired to try something new, inspired to dig deep and put it all out there.

Hotone World

The citizens of the world have got to have the best effects. That’s why from the hottest jazz clubs in Paris to the most secret underground venues of Japan, Hotone Skyline pedals are finding their way into pedalboards the world over. Arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity, and it’s no wonder that Hotone Nano Legacy Series amp heads are being put to work by some of the world’s most dedicated musicians around the four corners of the earth.


The Grenma

Fast and Hard New School Punk —The Grenma.'The Grenma' is a skatepunk trio from Budapest, Hungary, formed in 2004 by Csongi (guitar, vocals), Dóri (bass) and Matyi (drums).

Frank Piombo

New Jersey Jazz, as smooth as it gets!

Bob Rutherford

The Hotone KOMP has become my “go to” pedal and whether I'm using my own rig or having to play on the run with a provided backline, Hotone's KOMP is the first thing in my signal chain!”

HOTONE will attend the SMC15 in Ireland as one of the patron sponsors

rganized by the Music Technology Group in the Departments of Music and Computer Science, the 12th Sound and Music Computing Conference will be held at Maynooth University, Ireland. This year, the theme of SMC15 is High Performance Sound and Music Computing. According to the conference schedule......


Hotone welcomes Frank Piombo…to the FAMILY!

For New Jersey Italians, family comes first. That’s why Hotone Audio is happy to welcome jazz godfather Frank Piombo to our A-List artist lineup. Frank plays a big, beautiful Gretsch guitar and uses Hotone’s Skyline pedals exclusively. He says, “The Verb, I keep activated all night long.”


WOW! Heart Attack gets 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

In true German engineering fashion, BENEDO took the time to give a precise and detailed technical review of Hotone’s high gain Heart Attack amplifier. What follows is a rough translation of that review: