• Born into a Bluegrass family, Bob Rutherford was submerged into a constant whirlwind of music and musicians at a very early age.

  • Scott McKeon is a Blues prodigy. He was taken on by Mark Knopfler’s manager when he was 18 years old and since then has shared performance spaces wit

  • Chris Henrich is a pro guitarist and head audio engineer for the House of Blues (Live Nation). As a guitarist, Chris first rose to prominence in the 1

  • Thunder Bass, which we all guessed, is an amp head for bassists. Based on the Ampeg SVT*, Hotone somehow got all the big thunderous sound into a mini-

  • Heart Attack is the newest member of the Nano line, and it is for metal heads. It is similar to the other Nano amp heads in its compact design and fiv

  • Wally is a mini loop station which can record up to 15 minutes of loop phrases in one storable memory. It also has separate input/output le